Trade Wars 2002

BBS GameTime is now host to a 5 game Trade Wars Server!

BBS GameTime gets an update!

With a new look and a better layout, BBS GameTime makes finding the games you like easy!

Of course there are new games and I’m still looking for more.


Would you like to connect to BBS GameTime?

BBS GameTime is now available for other systems to connect to via RLogin.   If your BBS Software doesn’t support this natively you may try TelnetDoor which also supports Rlogin.

If you are interested please complete the form below.  Static IP’s are the best but not required.  My system can verify your IP from a dynamic URL and allow you to connect regardless of the IP.

Static IP or Dynamic URL ok!

BBS Software

The FreeSpeak runs on Mystic BBS,  available at .  Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, download NetRunner from the downloads page  One of the best ways to connect to a BBS in my opinion.

BBS GameTime is runs on Synchronet, available at  Another very fine terminal program to connect to BBS’s is SyncTerm, available here: .

Do you have another recommendation for BBS Software or Terminals?  Leave a comment!

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If there are any Doors you would like to see let me know!